Who am I?

My name is Filip Hlásek, I was born on 26th September 1991 in Rokycany, and since then I lived in a small village called Vitinka. Before primary school we moved to Pilsen where I spent the majority of my life. After graduating from high school I studied Computer Science for 5 years in Prague. After obtaining Masters degree I got admitted to the University of Oxford as a PhD student. However, I did not stay for long and soon after enrolling I joined a small group of friends in London who were just about to start Blue Vision Labs company. After almost two and half years our 5-men basement startup grew up into a serious business with almost 40 employee and was acquired by an American transportation giant Lyft in order to join their autonomous vehicles efforts. Two and half years later, Lyft sold the autonomous division to Toyota's subsidiary named Woven Planet. On this page you can find a summary of what I like to do, of my experience, of my achievements, and of my hobbies.



Organizer and lecturer

Programming contest participant

Secondary school contestant


Puzzlehunt participant

Puzzlehunt game (the Czech version is actually a bit different from the one described in the article) is a competition based on solving a series of puzzles. Usually it takes all night (ends at noon the following day) and consists of about 15 stops. At every stop there is a puzzle which solution points to the next stop. [my profile].

Besides, I am...